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IGN: nonamesir
By nonamesir » over 2 years ago
In-Game Username:

Discord name:

25 Year's Old.

How long have you been playing on League of Miners?:
By the time of this application I'm currently Citizen Rank.

GMT 0.

In your Timezone, What times are you usually active?:
Later afternoon and night ahead, perhaps since 6pm until 3am.

How many hours can you contribute each day to League of Miners?:
As many as needed.

Have you donated? If so what rank are you?:
Not yet.

How many staff applications have you made before?
This is the first one.

Do you think you can help people and comfortable with all commands?
For sure, I used to have a small server my own.

How would you deal with multiple people talking to you asking for help at the same time?
Deal it by order of incoming and try to solve as many problems as possible until log out.

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know / is there anything else we should know?
I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.1; I'm kind of a building oriented player but start falling in love with Survival Mode since multiplayers servers start to spread, actually I only play Survival online right now, my offline game is just creative stuff and ideas to play on Survival. I used to play on my server, with a small amount of 18 players, but since I decided to unplugged it League of Miners seems to be the server I'll spend all my Survival time on.


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IGN: IpkYouDrop
By IpkYouDrop » over 2 years ago
I haven't had the chance to meet you ingame yet though I do look forward to it.

I encourage you to aquire more playtime before reapplying, as this is my only major issue with this application.

Denied for now, thank you for your application.