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1. Introduction and How it works.
2. Wars.
3. Commands you should know.

1. Introduction and How it works.

Towny is a community-based survival plugin, where players can join and form towns together to live under the rule of a nation. These towns are ruled by mayors and the nations are ruled by a king/queen (come on this is 2018), this king/queen will be the mayor of the capital city.

1.1 TOWNS 

Towns work on a chunk by chunk basis, wherever you found the town will be the [Home] chunk, where you can set the spawn, this can be changed with commands (TIP: Press F3 and G, to see chunk borders). Each chunk can be made into a different plot type with different properties (E.g. an Inn will allow others to use doors, or a Jail will force all outlaws killed within the town while at war, to be sent to the Jail point), and can also be put for sale by assistants and mayors for players to purchase. These chunks (if purchased), will only be editable by the player who purchased it and the mayor of the town, these chunks are called plots, and many towns are based and constructed around plots. When nations are enemies, towns will be able to initiate war on each other, as long as 2+ members of each town are online, as well as the Mayor being present. These towns can be fortified with walls, beacons and defences (e.g. moats), and towns under another nation that wish to war with the defending town, will have to take it chunk by chunk from the outside, making outside fortifications very effective - Wars explained more in section 2. Towns are also able to make outposts, these are nifty teleports to allow town members to teleport between different towns/areas their town owns separate from their main land claims, however they're very expensive to set up.

Towns are also able to set other players as outlaws. If a player is an outlaw, they can not join that town no matter what. The outlaw'd player will also be jailed IF: The town has a [Jail] plot, the opposing factions are at war, the outlaw is invading the defending town, and the outlaw is killed within the town. In order to be released from Jail, the mayor can either manually remove their jail sentence, the jailed player can escape to the wilderness (if do-able), or the player can pay a bail set by the mayor.


Nations are a group of towns that come together under a king. Nations may ally, and make war. Allied nations will gain benefits such as allowing members from other towns being able to access their public plots (the mayor can dis-allow this), as well as allowing all nation residents to teleport to other town's spawn points with a small cost of $5. These teleports are great for accessing shops of other towns, or defending an allied town if they're in need.

Enemies will be able to wage war on eachother, allowing wars to be initiated as long as both mayors of each town are online, as well as 2 other town members. 


Now onto money, forming a town will cost $2000, with the upkeep of $50/chunk you own per IRL day (24h). Each chunk can be purchased for $5000 and will of-course, add an additional $50 onto your upkeep. Outposts on the other hand, are $50000 to purchase but come with another spawn point that you can teleport to, these are usually to other smaller towns that the town owns or sections of a rare biome that the town has claimed as their own (this price will increase, the more outposts you have). You're thinking "shit, this is going to cost A LOT of money to make and maintain", fear not! Town members have to pay taxes. Taxes are an amount you set to help you maintain and upgrade your town, and withdraw from any town member's balance the amount set every 24h, these taxes will be put into the town bank, which is where the money can only be put towards upgrading and maintaining the town (So mayors cant set up towns to farm money from others). Residents will be kicked if they can't pay.


Nations will cost $50000 to create and $3000 to maintain every day. This is a set amount which wont increase unless you make alliances with others. Alliances will cost $5000 extra upkeep but are beneficial to maintain. Similar to the town, a nation has it's own bank and will have taxes based on what the king/queen decides to set it to; these taxes will be taken from town banks, and towns will be kicked if they can't pay.

2. Wars (In testing)

In order to declare war, you must be the king of a nation and type /n enemy add (nation name). This will add them to your "kill list". To attack an enemy town, you MUST have two players online as well as your mayor, and the opposing town must have two players online as well as their mayor. In order to initiate an attack, the mayor must place a fence on the outer block of the outer chunk of a town, this will create a flag with a very obvious marker above it for all defending town members to see. The attacking nation will then have to defend that flag for a minute, if the defending town breaks that flag (punching the wool out), then the defending town gets to keep the plot and the attacker has to pay a fine. If the attacker successfully defends the flag, then they get to keep the plot. You then have to keep going through this same method.

Only 1 flag may be active at a time.
The war ends once the home block has been taken.

3. Commands you should know.


/tc: Allows you to talk in town chat
/nc: Allows you to talk in nation chat
/g: Allows you to talk in global chat (default)
/trade: Allows you to talk in trade chat.
/h: Allows you to talk in help chat.


/towny prices: Shows the current prices on the server, useful for mayors and kings/queens.
/towny map: Gives the player a weird map of the chunks that their town owns (not that useful)


/resident friend add/add+ (player): allows an online/offline player to access their plots
/resident friend remove/remove+ (player): removes an online/offline player to access their plots.
/resident friend clearlist: clears a player's entire allow access list.
/resident tax: shows all taxes you pay/day.
/resident jail paybail: Pays the jail bail, money goes to the town bank.

Note: /t can be replaced with /town if preferred.
/t list: Lists the current towns
/t join (town name): Joins a town IF they have no invite barrier.
/t leave: Leaves a town
/t spawn: Teleports you to the town spawn block
/t outpost (number/name): Teleports you to the appropriate outpost.
/t deposit (amount): Deposits x amount into the town bank.

Note: /n can be replaced with /nation if preferred.
/n list: Lists the current nations
/n deposit (amount): Deposits x amount into the nation bank.

/plot claim: Claims a plot for sale
/plot unclaim: Un-claims your plot, and puts it back up for asle
/plot set: Sets your plot to different plot types
- shop: Allows you to place shops within your plot
- Arena: Turns your plot into a pvp zone.
- Inn: Allows others to interact with blocks.

Mayor (And assistants to a lesser extent)

/t new (name): Creates a new town (with a cost of course)
/t delete: Disbands your town.
/t buy bonus (amount): Allows you to buy more chunks (with a cost of course)
/t add/kick (player): Invites/kicks a player from your town
/t claim: Claims a new chunk for your town, must be attached to another chunk (costs)
/t set:
- board: sets a message when players log in, view this by typing /t
- mayor: assigns a new mayor
- homeblock: change the original chunk of your town, defend it!
- spawn: sets a new spawn point within your homeblock
- name: change your town name at will
- tag: changes the 4 letter prefix before your name. e.g. [TOWN]
- perm resident/ally/outsider build/destroy/switch/itemuse on/off: allows you to set permissions within your town of who can do what.
- taxes (amount): sets your daily tax
- plottax (amount): sets the daily tax for owning a plot (stacks)
/t toggle:
- fire/explosions/mobs/pvp: you can guess what this does.
- public: displays the co-ordinates on /t, and allows people to join at will.
- jail (number of jail e.g. 5) (resident): Jails/unjails a player.
/t rank add/remove (player) (rank): Adds or removes a rank from a player, e.g. assistant (basically second mayors).

/plot forsale (amount): lists the plot up for sale, for others to purchase.
/plot set Jail: sets the plot to a jail.
/t set Jail: resets the spawnpoint of a jail within a jail block

King/Queen - MUST BE A MAYOR

/n new (nation): Creates a nation with your town as it's capital.
/n delete: Deletes your nation.
/n add/kick (town): Invites and removes towns from your nation
/n ally/enemy add/remove (nation): Adds/removes the allies/enemies relationship with your nation, if making an alliance, the other nation must also do the same.
/n set
- king (resident): Give the crown to another player
- capital (town): Sets the capital to another town, and the crown to the town's mayor.
- name : Set your nation's name
- tag: Set a prefix of up to 4 letters e.g. [NAT]
- title (player) (title): Gives a title to a player, mainly cosmetic.
- taxes: Sets the taxes that each town has to pay every day.
/n set neutral: set whether or not your nation will be neutral during a war when your ally is at war with another nation (costs).

If I've missed anything/you think i should add something, let me know!
Thanks for your time, hope this was helpful.